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Sell My House Quickly Newark update

So the site for Sell My House Quickly Newark is live on the net and we have also created a site on LinkedIn targeted at business people who may be in troubling times and looking for a quick solution to raise some cash, and also at potential investors looking at picking up a franchise themselves in an area they would desire to invest in. The reality is that times like these are a massive concern for many, but some will see it as an opportunity to expand their business when competitors are perhaps contracting. We are delighted to be offering a solution to all.

Estate agents will tell you that the market is buoyant at the moment and no doubt it is but there are also many properties on the market, still unsold, that have been on since last year. Clearly there is a reason for that, and it is usually price compared to condition.

We at Sell My House Quickly Newark can help you resolve your problem by offering a fair price for a quick sale. All you have to do is complete a few details on our contact form and we will be on the case straight away to help you move on.

I am in the process of selling a probate property myself. There are many issues to consider such as siblings, bills to pay on an empty property and believe me they are not cheap once it has been unsold for 6 months, location, mine is over 100 miles away and not easy to look after without spending heavily on petrol and my time also. Because of these consideration I have practised what I preach and taken an offer on the property £20,000 less than it was marketed for by the estate agent. I was assured from the outset that it would fetch full value but within a few weeks I was being told to reduce the marketed price, highlighting that the sales pitch from the agent and the real value are often very different, so from personal experience be warned!

Our sister company 1804 Property Solutions has recently upgraded its website and is providing guests with a great service, be they having a staycation or contractors working in the area. If you have friends or relatives visiting the area and looking for somewhere to stay then please get in touch.